07/03/16 - Making Tracks to Portland Maine

Making Tracks to Portland Maine

​B Watch: Crew: Karen and Sam; JWO: Kenny; Ambassadors; Denny, Ammiel, Philip, Shane, Gianna

Today we sailed to Portland, were a little halfway through our trip and have been enjoying every minute of it…

So far we’ve seen whales! It’s always so exciting to hear the call of someone on board, “There she blows!” almost everything on the ship stops (even impromptu mid-day musters) and we all hurry to the rail to take a look as whichever sea creature has decided to show itself today.

We’ve seen the Virgin Islanders freeze in the water and we’ve seen some really cool sail boats.

The first mate was so impressed by our sailing skills that she’s thinking about hiring some of us to the crew.

Were only a week in and all of us are comfortable enough to join each other in a cuddle pile.

Today we saw other schooners. Seeing other schooners and arriving into Portland made us feel very special with the attention people gave us. Denny is very awesome and had made new friends from around the world