07/03/18 - Boat checks and watch groups!

Boat checks and watch groups!

Point Judith, Rhode Island

Today I woke up earlier than usual to the sound of my watch mates whom stayed up to do boat check and ensure our safety while anchored. When I arrived on deck to my surprise it was foggy, cold, and wet, a total opposite of the day before and I quickly readied myself by brushing my teeth and a face rinse. Once finished I assisted Chris in boat check by making sure we had everything ready for departure, like water and electricity. After boat check it was C-watch's job to prepare for breakfast, this included setting out plates and setting up the dish wash station. By 10:30 C-watch began our history lesson lead by Mr. Jones on taking risks and how our founding fathers and many others risked everything for us to be here today (even if they weren't exactly in our favor, they gave us the tools). After a delicious beef stew dinner by Roseway's master chef Brandon and practically putting sails up we finally were able to jump in the water which I believe lightened everyone's mood. At the end we all gathered together to end the day and plan for the next.