07/03/17 - A Little Bit of History and A Helping Hand

A Little Bit of History and A Helping Hand

July 2, 2017: On our journey today, we stepped foot on dry land for the first time since we hopped on The Roseway. We made our way to the New Bedford Whaling Museum; at the start of our trip our tour guide told us that he was piloted into the Boston, Harbor by the Roseway while we were in the museum we touched and saw some baleen. When whales where hunted the baleen was used for corsets, hair brushes, and paint brushes, and other uses that we use as plastic today. The blue whale is the largest animal in the world that also happens to be a baleen whale; we were able to see the skeleton of the blue whale.  As the day went by we stopped by a national park for lunch and some of our ambassadors decided to enlist in the union army. We then went to the Salvation Army soup kitchen to help cook and serve dinner for people in need. We then got to hear stories from some of the people we were serving. Helping these people created a big impact on how we view the world as a whole. We then headed back for an amazing dinner and were wrapping this up for another sailing adventure tomorrow.