07/01/16 - Minke Whales Ho!

Minke Whales Ho!

​C- Watch – Noah, Joelle, M-Rod, Daniel, Griffin, Josie, Truman, and Ryan

For anchor watch last night, some of us had a hard time getting up. Our anchorage was exposed to the sea, and the boat rocked vigorously all night long. We set our sails before breakfast because we knew we had a 10 hour sail ahead of us. We and are still underway as we write this at 1957 hours. We had our hearty breakfast of oatmeal and prunes ;). Soon after breakfast, all of us had the chance to climb the rigging. As we were preparing to climb, we spotted Minke whales off the starboard beam. Climbing the rigging helped us work on our teamwork and trust with one another. While each person was climbing the rigging, a team member belayed them, holding the line in case of an accident. Once on bow watch, some of the ambassadors on board tried on different clothing to make the afternoon more laughable for others. The other groups also learned about navigation, nautical history, cetaceans, and how to tie decorative knots. Now, fatigued like the weary sailors of yore, we sit here in the foc’s’le expecting rain and our fast approaching bedtime.