07/02/16 - A Summer Ambassador Poem

A Summer Ambassador Poem

​A watch- Crew: Monica and Danielle; JWO: Sam (woody) Ambassadors: Penny, Ellie, De-Andrae, Patrick

The water is cold

Team work helped us do the job

Tossing the ball high

Across the salty bottom

When I dive to their cold world

Armored lobsters crawl

Soft breeze kiss my face

Close friends make us laugh often

Cool sea through my veins

Splashes in the air

A circle of friends laughing

And the sun basking

The sun is too bright

The grass running through your feet

The soul calming wind

My birthday today

The sun is shining brightly

A service to do

Slow and lazy to begin

Wed landing leads to clear trails

Warm and dry now aboard