06/30/17 - Anchor Watches, Community Values & Bonding

Anchor Watches, Community Values & Bonding

Plymouth, MA

Bella, Gianna & Baylee

We all started our day off quite tired from a long night full of anchor watches. Anchor watch is when we get up in the night to watch the boat to make sure nothing happens unexpectedly. We were all split up into groups so throughout the night we all had chances to sleep and do a shift. For our wake up call, Zach came down and sang a song to us at the top of his lungs (hopefully it’s not always going to be a Taylor Swift song). 

Students tying the double reef nettles

After finally starting to feel awake, we started off with morning chores so we could finally go under way for our next voyage right outside of Plymouth. After raising the anchor we learned how to double reef the sails and then headed out of Boston. For us three it was exciting to learn about navigation and how steer at the helm. What was really exciting for a lot of us was when we were harnessed and went out on the bowsprit. 

Left: B Watch on the Bowsprit (Rachel, Carlos, Bella, Annabel, Alex, Jamie) Right: Baylee on the helm

For breakfast we had pancakes and nothing could top that other than Jen the cook’s amazing pizza for lunch. So far every evening we have been able to have a “salt family game night.” Today we all played a crazy game of charades with things like “spicy cake” or “yellow platypus crying." Tomorrow we are excited to raise anchor and sail through the canal. Now we’re all very tired after a long day of hard work. 

Students creating their Community Values Poster: Kindness, Teamwork, Respect, Responsibility, Communication