06/29/17 - Working as a Team aboard Roseway

Working as a Team aboard Roseway

Boston Harbor

Eddie, Luke & Annabel

Today the students arrived on the schooner Roseway in Boston. Some of our Junior Ambassadors are from Quebec and are fluent in French and are teaching us new words. We duffled and shuffled to make sure all gear was in order, chanted, and scarfed our food, yummy mac and cheese! The students toured the ship and learned where all of the emergency equipment is stored. 

Bella, Luke, Yahciry, Alexis, Eddie and Felix haul up our 2,000 lb Mainsail

We learned all about raising sails! We harmed our hands and learned to work as a team and sing sea shanties. We ate lots of fruit, fruit, and fruit. During stations we learned about line handling, set some goals and did a bow watch. Some of us climbed out and furled the jib, it looked amazing. We disappointed the captain and furled the Mainsail terribly (but we’ll be pros by the end!). Dinner was a success. We did chores, and were excited for bed. 

Left: Eddie, Felix and Baylee polishing the bell during active watch. Above: Carlos, Felix and Yahciry furling the jib

We are really looking forward to seeing the stars on night watch and cannot wait to eat our anchor watch snacks. Tomorrow we set sail for horizons other than Boston. Our Junior Mate got to meet a lot of new people, teach some knots, and made a cool team call with Amanda, the First Mate!

Yahciry, Gianna, Bella, Baylee, and Annabel enjoying the sunset