06/27/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: Setting Sail for Gloucester, MA

2016 Summer Ambassador Program: Setting Sail for Gloucester, MA

Day two of our adventure has come to an end, but first let us tell you about the day. In the morning we had our friend Abby come and visit us. We discussed values and came up with our five values that we, as a community, are going to live by on Roseway. Talking about the values was a very important deal. We needed to learn how to live on the boat. Once our friend said goodbye, we began to set the sails. It was hard to raise them but together as a team, it was doable. Once we were underway, we broke off into our three watch groups. There was seamanship, where we learned about the pins and how to tie some knots so we would be able to help out on the boat. Active watch was when we were watching for obstacles in the way of the boat, steering, and we did a boat check. Steering the boat gives some of us a feeling of power and responsibility. The boat checks are interesting and help you understand how the boat works. Then there was reading and reflection, during which we got to sit and think about how the day has gone and what adventures lay ahead as we sailed to Gloucester. For some of us, this was the first time being away from home and our families. It was difficult for some people to get used to all the responsibilities that were put on our shoulders and to get used to the idea of not having any parents on board. Sailing for the first time was cool, scary, and exciting. Once we arrived we brought the sails down and we were all excited to dock up to another boat after a long day of sailing. We are all ready for a good-nights sleep after travelling the fastest some of us have ever traveled on a boat before.