06/14/16 - The Sixers Take to the High Seas

The Sixers Take to the High Seas

The Sixers (sixth graders from Kingsley Montessori School)

First, we boarded the boat, and it was very windy and we were all a little nervous and excited to get underway. We raised the sails and learned to truly work as a team. Then, we split into our watch groups and took a lot of responsibility onto our shoulder. Most of us went to do bow watch, where we look for any obstacles in the ship’s way, and if we see any, we signal the captain, working on communication and trust. Some others went to check the boat to make sure everything is working well, and one of us went to steer the boat with the captain. Next, the whole group came together to learn how to tie various knots, such as the clove hitch, the bowline and the figure eight. After that, many of us made drawings to give thanks to the people who made it possible for us to come on this trip. Then, we had an exciting lesson about navigation and finding out where we were on the chart. Next, we each climbed the mast, which at first some were scared about, but then we all had an amazing time! Tonight people will watch the boat in the middle of the night and rotate groups, making sure to work as a team even when we are tired.