06/11/18 - Prevailing through Seasickness while Sailing to Provincetown

Prevailing through Seasickness while Sailing to Provincetown

A Watch: Isabel, Ian, Sam, William, Adele, Ashley

We started off ambitious, headed to Provincetown off the hook. Unlike days past, we sailed before breakfast and chores, wanting an early start to our destination. Seasickness set in due to higher winds and bigger waves. Prevailing through this, we went about our day, which included bow watch from the bow sprit, serenading Holly with Celine's "My Heart Will Go On." The sun was obscured by clouds as we crossed the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. We learned to plot our point and course on a chart. All of us got the chance to take the helm and Holly taught us points of sail, and the intricacies of our ship. We challenged ourselves to some riddle games and finally understood Black Magic. We dropped anchor in Warren Cove, and soaked our feet with a fire hose while scrubbing the deck. We were joined by some ducks on a date, and Adele took Polaroids of the evening sunset. As the day comes to a close we look forward to the possibilities that tomorrow holds. Goodnight!