06/08/17 - Our First Day at Sea

Our First Day at Sea

Boston Harbor

Meera, Uliana, Jack & Colin

We started off the day by playing a game at the dock. Then we came to the boat and our watch leader, Cara gave us a tour of the boat. The boat was cool and we wondered how ten people could survive on this boat for so long because it’s so small. It’s like a really cool boat and pretty. We were surprised it was so good because it is so old. After we had lunch then we put up sails. It was a great and challenging experience. If we didn’t know it was a thousand pounds we never would have guessed. We didn’t think we could have raised something so heavy. 

On the left, Colin steers the ship from the helm. On the right, students set the jumbo, one of our four (heavy!) sails. 

Then we started rotations. First we were on active watch where we did bow watch and we got to steer the ship and learned how to plot where we are using landmarks around us. Then we had Reading and Reflection time. We played a game called two truths and a lie and learned a lot about each other. Next we learned how to tie knots in seamanship. The rotations were fun. 

Students enjoy reflection time and seamanship class on board. 

After rotations we took our sails down and put the anchor in. Furling the sail and raising the anchor ball were pretty cool. Dinner was amazing. Then we cleaned the dishes. Doing the chores makes us realize how important the boat is to us and appreciate the work others do for us. Some of favorite things today were plotting our position, tying knots, and writing this log! We’re really looking forward to eating pancakes for breakfast and anchor watch snacks even though we have to wake up at night.