06/04/17 - Dolphins!


Gloucester, MA

Ruby, Abigail, Sebastian, Ava, and Gracie

Today’s voyage began on a beautiful and calm blue sea. Small groups gathered together to complete their night watches on the night of June 3rd on the serene and windless waters. As the sun rose to its peak, hungry sailors devoured pancakes, sausages, and cantaloupe. As we set sail towards Stellwagan Bank, we spotted a large pod of what we think were common Dolphins. The dolphins gracefully approached the Roseway, slicing through the water, delighting us all. As they swam off into the distance, the dolphins jumped high above the waves. 

After spotting the dolphins, we gathered to discuss our community values while on the Roseway. Our top five values are Trust, Respect, Willingness, Self-worth, and Teamwork. We joined our team watches and completed various tasks and activities. Significant activities included steering, making baggy wrinkles, bending on the main sail, and discussing whales. 

After our period in shipyard, we need to put our sails back on Roseway. Above, students help "bend on the mainsail". Below, students learn to navigate and make baggy wrinkle from old line. This baggy wrinkle will be placed on either side of the sails to prevent chaffing.  

Also in celebration of Louis’s 15th birthday, our cook Jen made an amazing chocolate cake with cookie dough frosting. We then sailed and docked in Gloucester MA, where we went out for a lovely dinner. After boarding the Roseway with full bellies, we anchored in Gloucester Harbor to get ready for a night of sleep and anchor watch. After a good night’s sleep we will be ready for another great day aboard the Roseway!