06/04/19 - Touchstone: Day 1, Program aboard schooner Adventure

Touchstone: Day 1, Program aboard schooner Adventure

Thompson Island, Boston Harbor

A & B Watch Combination (Keller, Jake, John Michael, Wyatt, Calista, Teegan, Jared, Noah, Jarrett, Gray, Alexis L., Anthony, and Charlie)

When we first arrived at the Adventure we were greeted by fun friendly people who introduced us to the ship.

I really enjoyed the delicious food- hearty soup and grilled cheese lunch and Taco Tuesday dinner. We had fun tying knots- the bowline especially! In our watch groups we toured the ship. We measured the water in the bilge. Hoisting the sails was fun. We had to pull hard. The sails are huge. There are four sails. when we pulled the sail down and reefed it, it was great but hard. It showed the life of sailor on a big ship.

We hopped on a smaller boat and took it to Thompson Island. We then dropped our belonging off at some shacks that we stayed at overnight. We set our stuff up and went down to the beach and skipped rocks in the mirky water. We stayed on the beach and played games. We had a great time and we hope to see whales!