06/03/17 - Adapting to Our New Environment

Adapting to Our New Environment

Nahant, MA

Colin, Fynn, Sofia, & Henry

We started off the day with “I am a star” exercises which affected us because it’s something we don’t often do. Also it was around people we didn’t really know.

Seeing the ship for the first time we had many preconceived expectations. Many of us thought it would be a bit different. Some thought it would be bigger, some thought it was smaller. But we quickly adapted to our surroundings. When we saw our bunks, we didn’t expect the way we thought the bunks would be. It was more compact, a tighter living space. When we got the drawings in our classroom, it looked way more spacious, but also less private.

        Students tour their new home for the week! On the left, Captain Trost works with students in the                                newly-renovated main salon. On the right, students climb down the ladder to enter the salon. 

Bringing the sail up it was cool to see everybody work together bringing up a 1,000 pound sail. We really worked as a team bringing it up. Some classmates didn’t know what was in store for the type of work we would be doing. Despite our preconceptions, adapting to the ship was rather easy and exciting.