06/02/16 - Inly School Keeps Roseway Underway

Inly School Keeps Roseway Underway

To start off the early morning, different groups assembled on the deck to assure the security and motion of the boat by participating in a night watch. We cycled through our night shifts every hour and twenty five minutes to make sure that someone was awake at all times. We set sail and traveled from Provincetown to Gloucester. During our daily rotations on our trip, we released our drifter, which measures the currents of the ocean using a GPS tracker. After saying goodbye to the drifter, we resumed daily activities, which included scrubbing the deck, learning how to read charts, climbing the rig, and looking off the bow for other boats or buoys. When we arrived at our destination, we lowered the sails and the anchor. After dinner, we tended to our evening chores and got pumped for our anchor watch under the stars.