05/31/18 - Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings and Endings

A Watch

We had the pleasure of ending our 8th grade year where we started out 7th: docking at Peddocks Island. Anchor watch was uneventful and after everybody arise, we packed our bags, ready to head home. We came to the deck, greeted by the smell of bacon, eggs, and oatmeal cooking in the salon. After eating a well cooked breakfast to start off our day, our watch cleaned up from breakfast while the other watches used their muscles and raised the anchor from he seas. We rose the foresail and started to maneuver our way through the Boston Harbor Islands. Admiring the views, our peers lead us to the docks. We got to end our amazing journey with our 7th grade classmates, hoping that they will have as much fun as we did. We would like to end our journal entry by saying thank you to the crew for showing us the ways of the boat and making the trip happen, and the weather for giving us sun throughout our whole trip.