05/30/18 - Busy Day on the Harvey Gamage

Busy Day on the Harvey Gamage

Jhon, Ella, Devon, Emma, Makena, Jayden, Luke, Sam and Seth

We stumbled upon the deck, tired and delirious from an odd night's sleep. Greeted by the full moon, we then proceeded to check the bilges and make sure the anchor didn't drag. The ship was safe. 

After returning to sleep, we awoke to the sound of welcoming ukeleles and singing (courtesy of Holly and Ben), emotions ranging from delight to fright. Morning chores completed, we then ate a hearty breakfast of eggs and oatcakes. For we were about to set sail for our daily expedition. 

Before we knew it, we were thrust upon the bowsprit with only a sparse netting separating us from the churning water below (and a harness, of course!) The same waters that also churned our stomaches (unfortunately). 

Under the tutelage of out AMAZING crew members, we learned how to steer the ship, pump bilges, and navigate the waters. After a delicious lunch, we were startled by the cries of Man Overboard! which put us in a temporary panic. But we were soon soothed by the following statement of "its just a drill". Although it was a drill, we still worked just as hard together in order to preserve our dear friend Oscar the Fender from a truly life-threatening experience. 

After doing the rotation again we lowered the sails and played ship games until our delicious BBQ Chicken and veggie dinner.