05/30/16 - Tierney Learning Center Sets Sail

Tierney Learning Center Sets Sail

A Watch: Alek, Bisrat, Emani, Courtney, Judy

Today is our first day aboard the Roseway. We were all a little nervous because most of us had never been on a boat before, but we were still excited for all the new experiences. After getting name tagged we became official Roseway crewmembers. We did “I’m A Stars” to show everyone that we’re really proud of ourselves. We broke up into our watch groups and explored our new home. Some of us were surprised by how small she actually was, but she was still really cool. After leaving the dock we raised sail for the first time. Raising the mainsail was hard but definitely worth the work once we got it all the way up. We raised the rest of the sails and sailed out of Boston Harbor. The crew practiced a man overboard drill and then we started our rotations for the day. We practiced tying knots like the square knot and the Turk’s Head and learned all about the different parts of Roseway. Then we had active watch. We were put in charge of making sure we didn’t hit any lobster traps or boats. Some of us even got to drive the Roseway while other made sure we weren’t sinking. We relaxed with reading and reflection working on homework, art and knot projects. Then we talked about community values with Monica. Community values are important because we’re all one crew and we have to work together. If we follow all our values we’ll have a lot of fun. After anchoring and dinner we did our evening chores. Tonight we’ll stand anchor watch with the crew. We’re super excited to climb the rig tomorrow morning and learn more about the Roseway.