05/29/18 - World Ocean School aboard Harvey Gamage: A Great First Day

World Ocean School aboard Harvey Gamage: A Great First Day

Marblehead, MA

Watch Group B

Today was the first day of our World Ocean School program aboard the Harvey Gamage. We began with an orientation and tour of the boat, and split into our watch groups. We ate a lunch of bean and potato soup, and then set sail - we learned how to raise the sails! After raising the sails, we completed our first set of rotations: seamanship (we learned how to tie some knots), rest and relaxation (reflections/freetime), and active watch (we learned watch signals and some navigation). As we neared Marblehead, we lowered the sails and dropped anchor. Dinner was mac & cheese and salad, which was very satisfying. After dinner, we learned how to complete different watch jobs: scrubbing the deck, cleaning the heads, writing ships logs, washing dishes, and tidying cabins. These are responsibilities we'll have on a daily basis. Finally, it was lights out, until we were woken up for our nighty anchor watch. 

Today was a great first day aboard Harvey Gamage. Among all of the new experiences we had, some of our favorite things were: the food, socialization, talking about turtles, bonding with the crew, being our in nature, exploring Marblehead, singing Pirates of the Caribbean, and thinking about what we'll do tomorrow. 

To follow the location of Harvey Gamage, please follow this link: