05/07/18 - Woodworking Projects During Yard

Woodworking Projects During Yard

Ben, Deckhand Educator

My last few weeks in yard have been an educational experience. Coming from my background as a boat builder, and seeing the way we do things has had me stepping back and assessing the needs of Roseway. Since we got started a few weeks ago, I’ve had many different tasks. I think the big ones for myself so far have been building new blocks and cutting some surface rot off of the ceiling planks. 

The blocks have been a fun experience so far and will continue to be for a while. That project actually started out on my Vacation week. I have a passion for wood working and learning more, so when I got picked up for vacation, I took the leftover stock from the emergency Gaff jaws I made in Savannah on transit home, along with some of the purple heart wood left over from another set of jaws made previously. While home, in-between seeing family and friends, I also milled up the wood to sizes needed for the blocks in yard so once I got back they were ready to be worked on. Back in yard, I used available tools and started putting them together.  So far they look pretty good! The down side is, the wood checked (cracked) already from drying out and they are no good,  so I’m ready to start over. But I’m sure the process will be twice as fast! As this project was going on, I also was climbing all around the bunks in the fo’c’s’le cutting the surface rot out. Once that was done I started cutting graving pieces to basically puzzle piece back in. 

Now some of you reading this might think that when I said ceiling planks I was talking about what is over your head. But in fact, they are the inside walls of the boat separating us from the outer hull. This is a job that I am currently training another deck hand to take over, sharing some of my knowledge. I could probably talk about many more tasks, but more work to do! Week to week and day to day everything is different and changing because of the weather or importance of a project being complete on Roseway, but as tough as it can be, we know in another month it will all be worth the effort.