05/05/20 - Momentum Continues on Cabin Top Project

Momentum Continues on Cabin Top Project

Gloucester Marine Railways

Significant progress has been made on Roseway's cabin top rebuild over the last few days. Once the old cabin top was removed, it was sanded and cleaned to prepare for many layers of new material. A layer of resin, a matt of fiberglass, and another layer of resin were topped by plywood. The edges of the plywood were rounded to match the existing cabin house, and two more layers of glass were added on top of that. Within the next few days, the crew will use gray gel paint to seal the preceding layers and will be (finally) topped off with non-skid so the space is still usable and safe in the rain. As it stands, the cabin top is fully waterproof (minus the hole where the newly-varnished butterfly hatches will soon be reinstalled!).

To repair and improve the integrity of the hull, three crew members from GMR are working on caulking seams below the waterline. This work below the waterline is one of the many reasons why it is important to haul Roseway out of the water each year. 

Our crew continues to work on detailed sanding and detailed varnishing projects on Roseway's wheel box and butterfly hatches. 

Roseway's fores'l and jib were transported to Maine early this week for some sail repair and patching projects. The mains'l will travel north for repair as well. Additionally, Roseway's propellor has been sent out for servicing. 

We are thrilled at the momentum that we've seen so far in this yard given the state of the world and our smaller-than-typical crew to maintain CDC guidelines. When Roseway splashes in a few weeks, the crew will continue to work on smaller projects that can take place while she's floating. She will be in great shape as summer falls upon us!