05/01/20 - Making Good Progress in Yard!

Making Good Progress in Yard!

Gloucester Marine Railways

Roseway's small but mighty team has made significant progress over the last few days in yard. We last posted that several deck planks near the lazarette were going to be replaced. Take a look at the quarter deck now! You can get a peak into Roseway's empty lazarette...then get a look at the new temporary storage spot for all of Roseway's extra lines at midships. 

The quarter bit, where the mains'l sheet gets made off, will be also replaced during this yard. 

Another major project that our crew and shipwrights are working is rebuilding the cabin top. This will reduce the amount of water that makes its way into the Main Salon when it rains. The team removed the butterfly hatches, compass, navigation station, and life boats to grind down the existing cabin top that had been coated in fiberglass. Stay tuned for updates on this project's progress. We are certainly excited for a less leaky Salon!

Where did the butterfly hatch go, do you ask? To practice social and physical distancing, our crew is doing some smaller projects in a well-ventilated container next to the ship. The butterfly hatches and wheelbox are being sanded and varnished here. Later in yard, our crew will utilize this container for block maintenance. 

Speaking of social distancing... Our yard team is upholding CDC guidelines and wearing masks (some with fun patterns) while on duty. 

Last but not least for now... The interior of the waste tank has now been completely rust busted, and the team from GMR will begin laminating the tank's interior with fiberglass soon. This project will improve the integrity of the waste tank. Kudos to Chief Mate Sarah and Deckhand Patrick for wrapping up this phase of the project. You are stars.