04/27/20 - Cutlass bearings, waste tanks, and deck planks, oh my!

Cutlass bearings, waste tanks, and deck planks, oh my!

Gloucester Marine Railways

Realigning the propeller shaft is a multi-step process that includes disassembling multiple bearings that support the shaft as it rotates. Part of this project includes removing and replacing Roseway's cutlass bearing, the forwardmost bearing that supports the shaft through the bulkhead between the Main Salon and Engine Room. After a few days of giving the crew trouble, the cutlass bearing finally parted which means we are one step closer to removing Roseway's shaft. Take a look at the photo below to see what the other bearings that support the propellor shaft looks like. 

Our crew has made headway in cleaning and expecting Roseway's current waste tank. We will be able to transition into phase two of this waste tank replacement project when it is completely clean. The good news is...this not-so-fun phase of this project is almost done! 

As with all boats, Roseway takes on water and can often become leaky during squalls or in heavy seas. A tall ship sailor's quick fix to a leaky ceiling is tacking diapers to the source of the leak, but our shipwrights have identified a longer-term alternative to improve the extra leaky mate's cabin. One of the deck plank's near Roseway's lazarette will be replaced to halt the movement of water and keep our mates drier.

Roseway's crew still eat delicious food during yard, often prepared by Captain Flansburg himself! Take a look at the chicken and dumplings that the crew enjoyed together.