04/07/20 - Roseway Sails Past Hatteras

Roseway Sails Past Hatteras

Off the coast of Nag's Head, NC

Captain Flansburg reported that the ship successfully surpassed Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks, NC. The crew was proactive and effective in their sail handling and taking in sail during squalls. All is well aboard. And it is officially "sweater weather" after months of sun and warmth in St. Croix! 

Warm waters of the northbound Gulf Stream collide with cool waters of the southbound Labrador Current off the coast of Cape Hatteras which can cause seas to build, shoals to shift, and fog to linger in this area. The Captain and Mates often wait for favorable weather windows to sail around Hatteras, as this passage can be a challenging feat.

After several days of light winds, Roseway's crew looks forward to more wind in the coming days. Check our our Where's Roseway? feature to find daily updates of Roseway's position!