03/27/20 - 2020 St. Croix to Boston Transit

2020 St. Croix to Boston Transit

During the rainy morning hours on Tuesday, March 25th, Roseway hauled back her anchor in Christiansted Harbor, the crew set her sails, and she began her ocean passage back to Boston. Her crew (complete with several WOS alumni!) is happy, healthy, and eager for fair winds. 

While our crew will be working at sea for the next several weeks, they have requested news updates during our daily satellite phone check-ins with the ship. For most us at home, news is constantly accessible, but it's crazy to think that the only current events the crew receives is during our calls with the ship. Our historic vessel is their home for the time being, and they are upholding their civic duties in staying up-to-date with current events as if they were home. 

So much of the world is stocking their cupboards full of food for the foreseeable future. Roseway's galley team also provisioned for multiple weeks, though this is a typical practice in preparation for long sailing passages. 

With so much uncertainty in the world, we are certain that we wrapped up an exceptional, meaningful fourteenth season of educational programming in St. Croix. We look forward to giving Roseway TLC when we haul her out of the water for maintenance at Gloucester Marine Railways next month. 

Please join us in tracking her journey at the "Where's Roseway?" tab on our website. Her position will be updated daily.