03/24/16 - Gifft Hill School: A Sailor's Life

Gifft Hill School: A Sailor's Life

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

A Watch: Motali, Sh'Nyah, Lily Margo, Ananda, Sharianys, Benji

Today we started off waking up a little later than usual at 7:30, ate delicious breakfast sandwiches prepared by Della. At morning muster people came up with fantastic and creative songs and poems that they prepared during anchor watch. Our first team task of the day was reefing the main and cleaning the deck. We raised the main twice today with big heaves and hoes! It was hard work but it turned out well!

After getting under way we practiced tying knots, made bracelets and worked on active watch. We had an amazing social experience! Then we had a quick lunch with chips and then we moved into rotations. We had active watch, finished the rhyme of the mariner and got to go out on the bowsprit. The bowsprit felt like a roller coaster and like you were flying. You felt free as a bird. The view of the ship from the front was awe-inspiring.

During time after rotations we came up with lots of inside jokes and continued working on knot projects. Sh’nyah was a star and a cone head, we listened to crew stories about families and laughed our heads off. We had class with Mrs. Liz and talked about symbols and themes of the rhyme of the mariner, and came back up on deck to help with boat checks and furled the sails. We anchored in Christmas Cove where we will now spend the night. Overall the experience was challenging. We also learned to work better as a team, learned that sailor life is just a little dirty; the experience was fantastic, amazing, spectacular and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!