03/19/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Nine

Colorado Springs: Day Nine

Green Cay, St. Croix

All hands on deck

We awoke to the sounds of our friends cheering us on to haul up the sails. The fact that this will be our last opportunity to heave the halyards, let the ropes fly, and pump the toilets was not lost on anyone. On all of our faces were smiles as we walk out onto the deck into the blanket of the warmth coming from the glistening soul of our galaxy. Many of us, early this morning, plunged ourselves into the ocean for a quick morning swim. We sailed back to St. Croix, homeward bound, to leave the Roseway and head back to Colorado. We are our own crew now; the guiding hands of the original crew stood aside and watched our passion for sailing and were not disappointed. The waves crashed upon our bow as we arrived back at Green Cay, our very first anchorage. We are no longer the same people as when we left the icy peaks of Colorado. The trials placed upon us this week served to turn us into true sea-worthy individuals. This rose guided us to the final garden. We are now our own rose and it is our time to disperse the seeds of our knowledge onto further lands.