03/15/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Five

Colorado Springs: Day Five

Tamarind Point Bay, Puerto Rico

Sam J., Class of 2020 and Hayden H., Class of 2020

We started off our day bright and early with a 7AM wake up call to sail from St. Thomas to Culebra. The total voyage took about 5 hours as we set our anchor in Tamarind Point Bay. We immediately noted the beautiful views from our anchorage and excitedly prepared for the afternoon. We went to shore and took a short one-mile hike to Flamenco Beach, which is renowned around the world as one of the best beaches on the planet. This was the first contact we have had with other people in the 5 days that we have been on this voyage! We also had temporary access to flushable toilets, fresh water showers, iced bottled water, and cold sorbet (which was heaven for us)! After two amazing hours of body surfing and splashing in the waves, we hiked back to the boat. On the hike back, many of us noticed the phenomenon of land-sickness; while on sturdy land, our brains still feel like they are on a boat. So, it was really more like teeter-tottering back to the ship. After an action-packed day, our amazing cook Nick made us some penne and meat balls to wind down. We finished the night with an impromptu singalong! Overall, today was a highlight for many people, and we are looking forward to the days to come!

P.S. Hayden H. Would like to shout out Mrs. Ellen Crow