03/17/20 - Gifft Hill: Day Two

Gifft Hill: Day Two

Puerto Real, Vieques

Tiff, Ohsemenard, Denecia, Pierce

When we were on anchor watch, we checked the bearings, the bilges in the forepeak and the engine room, and the latitude and longitude. We woke up at 7:00 AM. Shortly after we woke up we raised the sails. After we raised the halyards, we ate breakfast and brushed our teeth. We had a muster to determine which group would be on active watch, doing science, and doing navigation. Some of us got sea sick. C-watch did active first, B-watch did science, and A-watch did navigation. In navigation we learned about latitude and longitude and what the little numbers on the chart mean. In science we learned about the different ocean layers. During active watch we looked for boats. We struck our sails, we took the anchor down, then we arrived to Vieques. We decided to climb the rig and have a swim call. After we finished climbing and swimming we relaxed for a bit until dinner was ready.