03/16/17 - Final Day on Roseway

Final Day on Roseway

St. Thomas, USVI

JWOs: Taber, Shekinah, and Nadia

 When we woke up today, the ship had already started sailing. We went on deck and started doing stretches, I’m a Stars, and chores. After that, we had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and freshly made toppings. We spent the day doing rotations of Seamanship, Reading and Reflection, and Active Watch. While doing that, we had an exciting surprise of a pod of about 20 dolphins! We also saw a flying booby which we called bobby.

While sailing, students rotate through three different stations. During Seamanship time, they learn to navigate, tie knots, learn about simple machines or Roseway history. During Active Watch, they take care of Roseway by doing Boat Checks, taking turns at the Helm, and sail handeling. During Reading and Reflection, they reflect on their experiences and how to transfer the skills they've learned on Roseway to their lives at home.

Overall we thought this trip was a great and fun learning experience. We learned how to tie 4 different knots, palm lines safely, and work together to accomplish a goal, which we think is beneficial for future references. Most importantly we hope to take away the five values of safety, respect, communication, teamwork, trust.