03/16/20 - Gifft Hill: Day One

Gifft Hill: Day One

Hassel Island

Becky, Kaelen, Dennis, and Violet

Once we got on the boat we all got name tags and introduced ourselves. We then split into 3 groups. The groups we split into are A, B and C. We got a tour, and we then had tacos for lunch. After a nice lunch we set sail to leave. While on the boat we went into groups to all learn different things. In our groups we did seamanship in which we learned how to tie knots, tack, sweating, palming, and coiling. Active watch is the part that we learned what hand signals mean, how to signal the captain, and what to look for. The third thing we did was R+R which means reading and reflection. For each group the things we did varied. My group, group B, did games that would help us get to know each other better. My group, group C relaxed and discussed our goals for the trip. Group A did the boat check to check if all the generators are working and the water level in all the bilges. Finally we anchored in St. Thomas and went swimming, we had the option to jump off the boat.