03/14/18 - Voyage North and Restoration Project

Voyage North and Restoration Project

Jess Jozwik, Program Manager

On the morning of March 14, Roseway crew cast lines from the Port Authority Dock in St. Croix to begin their annual Sprint voyage North. 

To our Community in St. Croix--we've so appreciated your enthusiastic support this year, and can't wait to share another season with you in November 2018. Subscribe to our email list on the right-hand side of this page, or Like us on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date about our return to St. Croix and book your sunset sail tickets! 

To the 318 USVI students we worked with--We're proud of the hard work and achievements you've found aboard Roseway. We're grateful for your energy and eagerness to learn. We look forward to connecting with you  again and working with new students when we return in November! 

Roseway will spend the next 2-3 weeks voyaging to Gloucester, MA, stopping in Savannah GA for a few days along the way. Once she arrives in Gloucester, she will undergo an 8 week restoration of her rudder trunk and windlass, in addition to her usual annual maintenance. We'll be updating her location along the voyage, and will provide weekly ships logs to showcase the amazing restoration taking place on our beloved 93 year old schooner.