03/13/17 - First Day Underway

First Day Underway

Cayo Louis Pena

JWOs: Lyric, Pheonix, and Adelaide

On this voyage, students are taking turns as a Junior Watch Officers, or JWOs. They're the leaders for the day and assist the Captain, mates and deckhand educators. They help with wake-ups, communicate important information to their peers, help stick to our schedule, and help lead evening musters. Each evening, the Ship's Log will be written by the three JWOs for the day. 

Today we woke up at 7:30 after waking up at different times in the morning for anchor watch. As the JWOs of today, we helped get the boat prepared to sail. We announced the schedule as well as what was for breakfast. After breakfast, stretches and “I’m A Star!” were led to boost our energy for the long day ahead. Shortly after, we set sail for the island of Culebra. For safety training, we did a man over board drill to prepare ourselves for a real life situation. Although some of the students didn’t feel well, we had a very enjoyable sail. We all got to go on the bow sprit, learn how to tie knots, and plot points on the chart in our watch groups. After arriving in Culebra, we dropped our anchor at Cayo Luis Pena and began our afternoon activities. These activities consisted of climbing the rigging, making bracelets, and learning about coral reefs to prepare for our snorkel tomorrow. We had a nice evening swim to finish off the day and a lovely dinner. Today the value we focused on was safety and we went through many activities where safety was important. We accomplished a lot while helping our friends who needed it. All in all, our first full day went pretty smoothly so we will be well prepared for a fantabulous day tomorrow.