03/07/19 - Gifft Hill: Day Three

Gifft Hill: Day Three

Culebrita, Puerto Rico

Arjuna, Izzy, Kim

The loud roars of the engine awoke us all. Then, we set sail after we rounded the point of vieques. We began to sail to the coastal line of Culebrita while indulging in oatmeal. Once in Culebrita, we went on the beach and went up to the lighthouse. We snorkeled around the beach. We ate mac and cheese and after dinner are doing evening chores and writing this log!

Riddles written during last night's anchor watch:

1. When the ship rocks and rolls, here I will stay. But while at rest I will stay away. A mournful keen that I do make, and sailors’ sleep is what I’ll take.

2. What is old, creaks when it moves, and is quiet at night?

3. Go ahead and do your worst, I can take it. I require muscle. It can stink to deal with me but you’re glad I’m here. What am I?

4. I am a problem or puzzle in the form of a question or statement, formulated so that some ingenuity is required to solve or answer me. What am I?

5. You have 10 penguins. 3 fly away 2 swim away. How many do you have left?


1. The creaking of the ship’s floorboards 2. Roseway 3. The head 4. A riddle 5. 8 penguins