03/07/18 - A Musical Day

A Musical Day

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Kevauna, Eion, Tyler, & Tashani

"We were forced to wake up with some nice ukulele music that inspired us to get out of bed, kind of. After some invigorating chores and some lovely breakfast we started off our day! We also had our first official swim call. After swimming we had an exhilarating climb aloft up the shrouds. 

We also learned about the six simple machines that make work on a ship easier, with some considering Ben the seventh. After lunch we had an afternoon sail. When we came back into Culebra, we learned how to do a proper fish furl, also known as a harbor furl, on the fore sail. We reflected on our day by having some well-deserved down time. Later, we had an afternoon swim call while Mark and Eric played some amazing music with a guitar and ukulele, making up some of their own notes and lyrics. Then we had dinner and chores and here we are, excited about seeing some stars and constellations during our overnight anchor watch."