03/06/19 - Gifft Hill: Day Two

Gifft Hill: Day Two

​Vieques, Puerto Rico

James, Preston, and Nitta

Our favorite part of the day was swimming, eating, and doing a deck wash! We are looking forward to kayaking at the bioluminescent bay tonight, and to the sail home.

We thought that the tacos were very tasty that were made by the kind, sweet, generous hardworking cook, Nick. From such a little space he can make beautiful and good food. We are looking forward to more adventures on the Roseway in coming days.

It is 3 AM
Headed toward Vieces
Glowing up like stars

Sailing here at sea
It’s such a treat to be free
Bonding with nature

We ate shepherds pie
We butchered it with hot sauce
We wanted to die

Stop waking me up
The Oreos were yummy
Please be the last watch