03/06/18 - Busy Day at Sea

Busy Day at Sea


Alewdys, Diego, Kinae, & Saskia

"We woke up this morning to a harmonica and egg shakers and we all wanted to throw our pillows at the musicians. But on the bright side, bacon, pancakes, and even cupcakes were awaiting us in the very near future. After grueling morning chores, we enjoyed that desert-like breakfast. Soon after that, we cleaned the dishes, raised the sails, and then we were off! Due to the strong winds and sea spray, within the first few hours us new students were feeling rather drowsy. Scratch that, we were down right exhausted! Both watches got a chance to steer the boat, which was exciting, continue to learn the ins and outs of hourly boat checks, and learned how plot points and find our location on navigational charts. Then, Ms. Veronica called us all to gather in the scorching sun and listen to a poem, which resulted in some unintentional snoring from us students, already exhausted from hauling sails and standing active watch. Soon, the bell was rung and were able to enjoy an awesome lunch prepared by Andy, the ship's cook. 

A couple hours later, we learned how to tie knots inducing the simple square knot, the fantastic figure eight, and the complex bowline. It didn't help that every crew member had a different way of doing every knot! We even learned the flying bowline, a regular bowline knot that was simply thrown onto the nearest person. Afterwards, we fell asleep to the rocking of the boat crashing against the waves. Before we knew it, we had arrived at Culebra and were able to enjoy a quick swim call. The girls, Eric, Matt, Mark, Holly, and Veronica all jumped into the warm water while yelling "I'm a Star!". We learned how to a proper boat shower by rinsing off in the sea, at spaghetti, did chores, and here we are. Although we were challenged by having to stay awake, getting ready a little quickly after morning wakeup, or slowly as Tim insists, overall our first full day onboard was a blast!"