03/03/17 - Inspiration


Brett, Deckhand Educator

Hey friends! 

Everyone's wishes for fair winds have really come through this week as we have been sailing on some of the highest seas our students have seen! The crew and students from Pearl B. Larson have all been wonderful at adapting to a rocking and rolling environment during lessons and keeping everyone focused on the wonders of the sea rather than the doldrums of motion sickness!

As the students pretend to be dolphins, sea turtles, and even the mighty, extinct (though some students swear is still living) megalodon sharks, we crawl along the decks to keep everyone on our team as safe and dry as possible!

I've had the great fortune of teaching the same wonderful group of kiddos all about the coral reef ecology of the island that I know and love! From the basics of coral polyp biology, to complex food chains and tropical cascades, the thirst for knowledge from the students continues to drive me to challenge them in even deeper subjects on the matter.

                          Reading Rainbow students explore the Fish Hold, where overnight program students sleep.

I believe the proverb of "if you are planning on a bright future, educate children" is the most apt way of describing the feeling of gratification to see smiles on the kids faces when we talk about zooxanthellae or the physics of lift because we as educators can see the spark of passion behind their eyes, and I believe I can speak for all of us and say we only plan to stoke that spark into a light they can follow the rest of their lives. 

Until next time, Fair Winds 


                                  Above, Brett teaches students about complex food chains and coral polyp biology.