02/27/20 - Yard 2020 is fast approaching

Yard 2020 is fast approaching

In less than two months, Roseway will be hauled out for her annual yard. During this time our team works alongside professional shipwrights to preserve and maintain Roseway. This year we will be replacing our blackwater tank, our cutlass bearing, and our main salon cabin house. We will service our propeller, main engine and generators. We will perform our annual block service, and install cleats for our new deckboxes. And as always we will caulk, sand, paint, and varnish.

These projects are super important to Roseway's safety, functionality, and comfortability! But, what are these parts and how do they relate to daily life aboard for our students and crew?

  • Blackwater Tank - A 900-gallon tank in Roseway's engine room that stores flushed contents of the marine heads until the crew can safely dispose of waste
  • Cutlass bearing - A tube-like bearing on the propeller shaft that secures the shaft and helps it to rotate smoothly. The rubber interior of the bearings can deteriorate over time, so it is important to replace them periodically.
  • Main Salon Cabinhouse - The aft cabinhouse on Roseway, just behind the galley house. The cabinhouse keeps the salon dry so that students and crew can navigate, study, eat meals, and spend time together while staying dry
  • Annual block service - Roseway's is rigged with multiple block systems that provide mechanical advantage so that the power of the crew alone can raise the sails each day. During yard, the ship is down-rigged, and each block is deconstructed, repaired, lubricated, re-painted, and reconstructed.
  • Cleats - Cleats in the deck will secure new deck boxes for safety and convenience.

Caulking, sanding, and painting are critical parts of maintaining Roseway. Yard provides an opportunity to care for those hard-to-reach places, from the fish hold to the hull.