02/27/18 - What Does Roseway Symbolize?

What Does Roseway Symbolize?

Christianstead, St. Croix

Junior Crew Members

Roseway has meant a lot, to many different people, throughout the years. When she was built, she was a symbol of American Ingenuity, Industry, and Good Spirits. As a harbor pilot vessel, she was a symbol of safe harbor. After a horrendous hurricane in St. Croix, she has been a symbol of commitment and life returning to normal on the island. 

We asked our High School Junior Crew Members what she symbolized to them. 

David (10th grade)-  Knowledge:  To me, I think of sailing and learning how to take care of the ship.  I really enjoy hanging with the crew and learning from all their knowledge.

Nathaniel (9th grade)-  Safe Haven:  When I think of the Roseway, I think of how I love being on the ocean- it makes me happy. I just really like to be here, to be present, where I grew up.  

Ed (12th grade)-  Family:  The Roseway symbolizes to me, family-  I think of all I have learned and all I have been through, and now, the entire crew is like family.

John (Education Coordinator)-  Adventure:  When I think of the Roseway I think of facing challenges with uncertain outcomes.  I think of taking risks and failing, of making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  I think of stepping outside of my comfort zone and accomplishing more than I ever thought possible.