02/13/18 - Important Community Values

Important Community Values

Ajahni, Camila, and Brianna

My favorite activity was climbing the rig because I went so high and I could see a lot of the island from a great view. On board the Roseway I've learned that you must communicate to put up the sails and do other necessities to be able to sail good and safe. Values that are important are communication, teamwork, and trust. The crew has been doing a great job in teaching us and operating the ship. They have been amazing!!

- Ajahni

My favorite activity was learning about buoyancy and making a boat to see if it could hold the items we placed in it. I learned that the Roseway has two types of sails (gaff-rigged and Marconi) and was made in 1925. Some important values are communication, teamwork, and trust. When climbing the rig, we had to trust that the belayers would catch us if we fall. I also really enjoy the crew's effective communication when teaching.

- Camila

My favorite activity today was exploring the fish hold and climbing the rig.  It was pretty scary when i was aloft and looked down in the water and saw how deep it was. I've learned how to steer the ship, make different coils, tie knots, and navigation. Two important community values used on the ship are teamwork and trust. I definitely used trust when climbing the rig. The crew has been doing a great job communicating, keeping us safe, and educating us. 

- Brianna