02/10/17 - There's Something for Everyone on Roseway

There's Something for Everyone on Roseway

Becky, Deckhand Educator

Hi friends! Deckhand Becky here, coming to you from the Main Salon of the Roseway as we wrap up our 3rd week working with students here in Christiansted. We’ve had so much fun sailing and learning with 5th graders from Pearl B. Larsen Elementary, and said goodbye to our 6th grade friends from Ricardo Richards. These students were so awesome, they even made us hand-drawn cards to let us know how they enjoyed their time here, and what lessons in particular were their favorites ( I think Buoyancy may be tied with Coral Ecology!) They also talked about how the climbing activities on the rigging and bowsprit helped them face fears and build trust among their classmates.

                                         Becky, the author of this post, teaches Pearl B Larsen students about ecology

Today we had the pleasure of meeting some 3rd graders from Reading Rainbow School and did some dockside lessons in Navigation, Simple Machines, and Cloud Identification (to name a few) as well as an overview of the Life of a Sailor and even a poetry writing session! It was a lot of information in just a short time, but I think these little ones are already enthusiastic to come back and sail with us in the future.

Tomorrow we have a full day planned for our 5th grade friends, complete with a morning sail and some time on the mooring for each student to have the chance to climb up the rigging and focus on a few more lessons…including my personal favorite, expressing their creative side by writing and illustrating their own poems about something cool they’ve learned over the week. These students have proven to be hard-working sailors and attentive scholars, and so much fun to get to know—we will miss them a lot!

Until next time, fair winds and following seas to you all! Thanks for reading!