02/07/18 - Learning new skills and values through fun activities!

Learning new skills and values through fun activities!

St. Croix, VI

Trevhon, Jeannia, Shenique

My most favorite activity on the Roseway is climbing the rig- I was so high and the wind was so aggressive, it was awesome! One thing I have learned about the Roseway is how important it is to practice community values while on board to work together and stay safe. We learned about teamwork, communication, trust, and respect. I used good communication today while climbing the rig and exploring the boat. The crew has been doing a very great job of teaching us so many things and teaching us how to use community values on their ship.

- Trevhon, Elena Christian Jr. High

My favorite thing that I did while on the Roseway was climbing the shrouds and saying what kind of star I am. I enjoyed doing the coils- one coil was a working coil and the other was a ballentine. I learned about the different types of sails used on the ship. I also learned about communication and trust which are very important while climbing the rig. The belayer has to ask the climber if she trusts us and if they are ready to climb, before stepping onto the shrouds. The crew is great, they are very sweet and funny!!

- Jeannia, Elena Christian Jr. High

My favorite activity aboard Rosway was learning about buoyancy because Camila taught me how to build a boat out of tinfoil that would float! I learned that there are different types of sails called Marcconi and Gaff-rigged sails. The values that are really important on board are communication, teamwork, and trust- We use teamwork everyday when we have to raise the sails. I love working with the crew because they are very good at moral support- today their encouragement helped me to climb the rig!

- Shenique, Elena Christian Jr. High