02/06/18 - Student Reflections

Student Reflections

My most favorite activity aboard the Roseway is climbing the shrouds- so much fun!  It was a bit nerve-wracking, but I managed to climb all the way up!  One thing I learned about the Roseway is how everyone communicates and goes about their daily life onboard without arguments or disagreements.  One value that is very important onboard is teamwork because you must work together to get the ship going!  We use teamwork everyday onboard just to help raise the sails.

- Miajah, Elena Christian Jr. High School

While on the Roseway I liked exploring the fish-hold (where the students sleep) and the galley (where the food is).  I also enjoyed beating Ben at tug-of-war on the pulleys, eating snacks, making boats to see if they float, and raising the sales.  I learned about the parts of the boat: the stern, bow, port and starboard.  I also learned that the Roseway used to catch swordfish long ago.  One of the important values practiced on the Roseway is communication and is easily seen when we have to dock the ship to the pier.
-Daudi, Elena Christian Jr. High School