02/03/17 - Heave Away, Haul Away, Ricardo Richards Students!

Heave Away, Haul Away, Ricardo Richards Students!

Susie, Program Coordinator

This was another exciting week aboard Roseway.  We were lucky to have the amazing 5th and 6th graders from Ricardo Richards Elementary School aboard for a second week.  Due to the positive and thoughtful spirits of students and crew, it has been an exceptionally fun and meaningful time.

Students learned good communication skills while calling back that they are ‘Ready!’ on the different lines, using kind and respectful language, and being focused listeners during their lessons.  Teamwork was practiced through games, such as the human knot, hauling up the sails with the crew, and helping each other move throughout the deck safely.  Students also learned about the value of self-worth by expressing their dreams and things that they are proud of.  During Ava’s sea shanty lesson, the students shared with her their pride in their school and the student body.  One sea shanty they created went like this:

                                                                Ricardo Richards students are smart

                                                                                    Heave away, Haul away

                                                                  They’re respectful and they have big hearts

                                                                          And we’re bound for the Caribbean

                                                                       Ricardo Richards students are cool

                                                                                Heave away, Haul away

                                                                        They are the best students in school

                                                                         And we’re bound for the Caribbean

Our mainsail weighs 2000 lbs! Students learn about mechanical advantage and the block-and-tackle systems we                                                                                             use to hoist our sails. 

Lastly, students learned the importance of support and trust throughout the week as they practiced facing their fears.  Many students had not been out on a boat before, and the waves and the water were rather intimidating.  However, they soon learned to overcome their fear by appreciating the beauty of the sea.  It was exciting to see the flying fish springing from the water and on Tuesday many students even spotted a dolphin!  After overcoming their fears of being out on a boat, students pushed themselves even further by going out on the bowsprit and climbing the rigging.  We were very impressed with the supportive language and positive attitudes these 10 and 11 year olds brought aboard!