01/20/19 - Luther College 2019: Day 10

Luther College 2019: Day 10


Today we were awoken by a delightful retention of tunes from Moana and a beautiful seascape awakened us, as always. After breakfast and chores, we set out on a quest to find some sea turtles below the surface. With masks, snorkels, and flippers equipped, we motored out to a popular destination for these critters. Despite our efforts, most were unable to spot the aloof beasts. However, we were able to explore some coral villages and other larger creatures such as sting rays were spotted. Upon our return, we departed for Culebra and met for class while underway. We had a riveting discussion about Conrad’s “Youth” concerning the fragility of youthful dreams/desires and the workaholic American culture. We enjoyed a delicious lunch while surrounded by gorgeous unsettled islands as we pilled into Culebra. From there we motored into town and proceeded to Playa Flamenco, a world famous beach. It did not disappoint. The same was very fine and the views were spectacular. Some of us chose to snorkel, some engaged in the beach’s famous body surfing, and some simple explored the beach. After an adequate amount of beach time, we headed back to the boat and were greeted by yet another scrumptious meal of pasta, a veggie red sauce, and homemade meatballs. As our time aboard Roseway comes to a close, we’re anxiously squeezing in as much adventure as we can. Today was a very full, rewarding day.