01/21/16 - One Last Sail: Returning to St. Croix

One Last Sail: Returning to St. Croix

B Watch: Katie, Claire, Morgan, Carter, Amanda

Today we took our last sail on the Roseway as we traveled to St. Croix. A ten hour sail gave us time to enjoy the ship and reflect on our voyage. As we climbed out on the bowsprit (the wooden spear at the front of the ship) we took the opportunity to think about our time here in the Virgin Islands. Looking back at the Roseway, we realized we knew so much about her: the names of her lines and pins, the way she rocked in the waves, and how her sails respond to the wind. While one of the watches was out on the bowsprit, a pod of dolphins came alongside the ship to welcome us to St. Croix. In the last hour of our sail, our knowledge was put to the test in the Deckhand Olympics! Our challenges included a knot tying relay, a coiling race, a pin identification race and a final jeopardy question. With a hail mary in the final jeopardy question, B watch came out on top. Everybody really showed their stuff in today’s events! Once we were anchored, we played a few rounds of water whiffle cricket and had our last wonderful dinner made by Della.

In class today we studied the poems of Derek Walcott, a noble prize winning Caribbean author. This led us to a discussion about his ideas on simplicity and valuing the experience of life. Within this discussion we all had thoughts valuing our own experiences and realized that throughout the trip we had moments of pure bliss. These moments happened throughout our trip as we connected the essays and prose we read and wrote to the islands we were visiting: when we lost ourselves in the bubbly pools, when we made our own trail through the caves of Devil’s Bay, when our paddles were lit up as we kayaked through the bioluminescent bay. This trip has showed the value of mental and physical hard work, savoring the simple, and a life outside of technology. Tomorrow we go back home carrying memories that will shape our lives into the future.