01/19/19 - Luther College 2019: Day 9

Luther College 2019: Day 9

Culebra, Puerto Rico


Today we spent all day sailing. Breakfast was spent in calm waters, but unfortunately once we got further out to sea some of the students started to feel sea sick. On the plus side, however, the crew was quick to get us help and make us feel better as soon as possible. While sailing we did rotations, we went over knots, navigation, and various other seafaring skills. We ended up having to put these rotations on hold because it started to rain. Another bummer in the day. Though the day had its downsides and us students were ready to call it a day pretty early on, the crew kept the energy level up and were always positive. I have not heard any one of them complain about something this trip. They are always so happy to help and keep our spirits up, even if the day wasn’t the best.

Tomorrow is a new day filled with (hopefully) sea turtles and beach time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a sunny day.