01/19/16 - At One with the Turtles

At One with the Turtles

C Watch

Today was… TURTLE DAY!!! After an early breakfast we headed over to a sea turtle preserve and had the opportunity to snorkel among Hawksbill and Green sea turtles. We were amazed at how close these magnificent creatures came to us. We also saw sting rays, sea cucumbers, starfish and sea eggs. After this incredible experience, we had a class discussion about the various interests in the different types of sea travel and related it to the increasing trend towards speed and simplicity. Our class expressed how we take interest into the joys of both self-reliance, but also having a faster pace. We related London’s ideas of simplifying sailing to just a person and their vessel, with the importance of simplicity in doing things yourself. Later we toured the town of Culebra and enjoyed a change of pace compared to our time in Cruz Bay. Culebra was more relaxed and less touristy than the other towns we experienced before. We then raised sail and made our way over to Vieques where we anchored and enjoyed Della’s delicious Shepard’s Pie. We look forward to seeing more of the island of Vieques tomorrow and furthering our class discussions.