01/17/17 - Luther College: A New Perspective

Luther College: A New Perspective

It’s Day 7 aboard the Roseway and everyone has a little more energy after having a day off from Sailing yesterday with a lot of excitement for the activities later on beach day. After waking up at the usual 7:30 we were all excited to eat another wonderful breakfast made by Andy and move on to our other activities. I know Sunday Fun Day was behind us but I think today should have been given the name Tuesday Funday if only it sounded as good. We began the day with Mustah and shared our writings that we wrote between the hours on 1100 and 0700 when we are in the most awake and creative mindset. We then began class that was a follow up on our experience visiting the Annaberg plantation and our readings of The “Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano”

         Students making Turks Head bracelets

We then got to experience the thing that everyone had been silently waiting for since we got on Roseway and that was climbing the rigging. The view from on top was incredible and gave me a greater sense of the surroundings. It’s amazing what a different perspective can give you from atop the rigging, as opposed to seeing the Roseway as you ride away from it on a dinghy.  It’s still hard to believe that we have been living on this boat for over a week now.

                                                             It's exciting to see Roseway from 100 feet up!

After lunch we climbed down onto the dinghy and went across to Cinnamon Beach and began Beach Day. We began the afternoon by getting to sail small 16 ft Wave Hobie catamarans. As the time on the small sail boats ended we raced back to the beach and after reading Jack London’s “The Joy of Small Boat Sailing” I think we all knew who the real sailors are. The Hobies helped give us a greater sense of the effect the different actions had on a boat by reducing it to a much smaller scale than the Roseway. In a sense it gave us instant gratification for each action due to how the size of the boat making it seem like everything was happening much faster.  After the small boat sailing we had plenty of time to relax on the beach before returning to the Roseway.

After all, the mishaps are almost the best part of small-boat sailing. Looking back, they prove to be punctuations of joy. At the time they try your mettle and vocabulary, and may make you pessimistic as to believe that God has a grudge against you—but afterward, ah, afterward, with what pleasure you remember them and with what gusto do you relate them to your brother skippers in the fellowhood of small-boat sailing.

– Jack Long, The Joys of Small Boat Sailing

We ended the day with another great dinner by Andy. After eating as much spaghetti as we could I believe everyone is going to get a great night’s sleep with a stomach full of pasta and dreams full of the adventures to come.